The Top 3 Romantic Cagayan de Oro Hotels

Although it may not be as romantic as Paris or as picturesque as Venice, Cagayan de Oro possesses the qualities  – a  peaceful and safe urban area, a friendly people and nice-looking spots – that will surely attract  romantic couples who wants to enjoy each other’s company in a peace-loving city.

So, if you are planning of a romantic getaway in the City of Golden Friendship, finding a fine hotel where you can spend the night should be an important part of your trip. Fortunately, you won’t worry about that because we have taken time to compile the top 3 romantic Cagayan de Oro hotels for you.

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Cagayan de Oro Hotels Safety Tips

There is no city in the world that is immune from any untoward incidents. Whether you are staying in a 5-star hotel in a first world country or in a budget hotel in the third world, you will surely experience unexpected incidents that may annoy you or even worse, cause a loss of your property.

So, when you are staying in Cagayan de Oro, you will do well if you will be careful and extra cautious just like what you would do in other cities in the world.

To help you that, we have provided the following tips for you:

  • Always stay with your luggage until it is brought inside the hotel.

Which Cagayan de Oro Hotels Should I Stay?

Cagayan de oro Hotels

Grand City Hotel at night

If you’re going for a trip in Cagayan de Oro for a business trip or scenic tours, do not forget to book for a Cagayan de Oro hotel where you can enjoy the night and be treated with the  uniquely warm hospitality of the Kagay-anons. The City after all, is dubbed as “The City Of Golden Friendship”.

As a blooming city with so much potential for exponential growth, Cagayan de Oro has lots of hotels to offer, that will cater to your needs particularly your budget.

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